Email Marketing Automation

Tailored for Professional Bloggers, Authors and Influencers

Responsive Layout

Subscribers aplenty!
Emails doubly so!

Never say never, until now! With its advanced targeting and display options for optin forms, SendOut comes with a promise of never having to pay extra for another tool. Merge your email marketing needs to get more subscribers, send more emails, and maximize your traction.

Why should you choose SendOut?

  • Custom Optin Forms
    Create your own optin forms for your blog or website. Click away to experiment and adopt different form types including light-boxes , floating-bars and slide-ins
  • Segmentation and Tags
    No more duplicate lists. Group your subscribers to further personalize their experience.
  • Powerful Automation
    Reduce repeated jobs. Reuse specific agendas. Use automation to your advantage, let your butterfingers relax.
  • Easy Drip Campaigns
    A brilliant option for those looking to maintain your course emails. Start afresh, and keep your subscribers on their toes as the emails drip in, this time around.
  • Measure Metrics
    Know your numbers – they drive you! Keep current with your key metrics including open rate, click rate, and spam