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SendOut offers you the best-in-class features required to grow your business and email list. All our features are simple to execute but advanced enough to fulfill your email marketing needs.
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Create Email Series with Ease

Email series help you send sequence of emails at intervals of your choice. Now, experience better control than ever before in engaging your subscribers with timely mails from your welcome series, product launch, online courses etc.
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No More Duplicate Lists.
Use Segments and Tags

You don’t have to pay for duplicate subscribers present in multiple lists. SendOut treats it as a single subscriber. You can segment and tag your subscribers based on the email content you wish to send.
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Powerful Automations

SendOut gives you simple ‘If This Then That’ kind of automations. This makes the simplest automations ever. But things you get out of it are endless.
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Beautiful Emails

Create beautiful emails with out drag and drop editor or html composer. You can also choose from the in-built templates that best suit your needs.
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Grow your List with Forms

Create and customize your own optin forms from the built-in templates. Click away to experiment and adopt different form types including light-box, floating-bars, slideins and embeddable forms.
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